It’s so great to have you visit my blog. I’m Pennie, the “Nature Mama”.

My goal is to help busy families find easy, healthy answers by writing about everyday tips, “real food” recipes, tutorials and health remedies and so much much more.

Why Nature Mama??

Naturemama started in my mind 6 years ago, as my husband and I had struggled to conceive. We tried everything; ICSI, IVF and finally we just gave up! It was a really dark and sad periode in our lives.

I wanted to find my way back to a natural balance in my body, after all those years of hormone treatments. We decided to changed our diet to lowcarb, and removed processed foods almost entirely from our diet.
It simply changed our lives! And as an added bonus, we were blessed with a beautiful baby girl, Dianna, a completely and natural conception!

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Our little miracle, Dianna. We tried to concieve for 10 years and even had help with hormone treatments and IVF, and at last we gave up! After changing our diet to lowcarb and removing processed foods from our diet, out of the blue I became pregnant!! To read more about my story, visit my blog; www.naturemama.net infertility, pcos, pco, endometriosis, lowcarb, lchf, trying to get pregnant

Now as a mother, I find that it is as important as ever to promote this natural and healthy lifestyle!

It’s said that: 

“… this generation of children will have a shorter life expectancy than their parents…”

Knowing that my baby’s generation will face higher rates of cancer, heart and autoimmune disease and many other health problems, I simply cannot sit and do nothing! My goal is to help make the change to living naturally easier for you, than it has been for me, and to share my own journey in the proces.

Just saying…

Now you should know that I am not a doctor, nurse or health “freak” in any way! I am a MOM, that simply wants the best for her family and is excited about creating a healthy lifestyle for us – and since you are reading along, I am guessing we’re quite similar in that regard!

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 Are you a Nature mama too??

Now the thing about “changing the world” is, you can’t do it alone. But I believe that as women and especially as mothers WE can! We are the ones birthing, feeding, raising and teaching the next generation and not only that, women and mothers control the majority of money spent in the household budget.

We have the power!!

With great power, comes great responsibility!

yeah I know I just quoted Spiderman….

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What to find here on the blog

Here at Naturemama.net you’ll find my best “real food”-recipes, tips and tricks to easy healthy family living. Sometimes the tone might get silly or a bit nerdy, but I promise to show you a good time and maybe even a laugh or two!

Mostly I’ll write about healthy family living, organic and real food and natural remedies, but if you join the Facebook group or we become friends on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest or Google+, you’ll also hear stories from my family life with the best hubby in the world, our miracle princess and 2 fur-babies.