Beet juice with ginger and apple

Beet juice with ginger and apple

It’s finally my turn to make wonderful homemade juice!

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My wonderful friend “D” asked me if I wanted her juicer. She thought it took up too much of her small kitchen space and she wasn’t using it.

OF COURSE!!! was my fast reply. I have been wanting a juicer now for a couple of years, but with my hubby studying, there are more pressing monetary priorites, you know… like rent, insurance, power.. all those boring things!

And luckily for me, it was exactly the model I had been eyeing myself!

My very own philips juicer! I already love it. I'm not planning on juicing every day , but maybe 1-2 times to get some extra vitamins. My favorite juice at the moment is beet, ginger and apple. Visit my blog: to get the recipe and many more.

Philips Viva juicer, Quick clean 1,5 L (affiliate link)

My new kitchen friend next to my BEST friend!

So far one of my favorites is this beet juice with lots of colour and power and I just love that it’s sweet and ginger-fresh at the same time!

My hubby thinks it’s a bit strong though, so I add a little extra apple juice for him and the princess. You could also just add water, to dilute it a bit if the taste is too strong for you.

Beet juice with ginger & apple

April 18, 2017
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: Easy-peasy

Fresh and delicious juice with a PANG!


  • 4 beets (peeled if you prefer)
  • 2 apples
  • Fresh ginger (2 x 2 cm)
  • 2 peeled oranges
  • Step 1 Juice all the ingredients, preferably with the ginger in between the fruit/veggies.
  • Step 2 Add ice and serve with a straw.
  • Step 3 ENJOY!

Testing before buying is always good!

I am very fortunate to have such a great friend with a small kitchen! haha

It’s a wonderful way to test if I will actually use a juicer enough to warrant buying one. My hubby tends to complain that my kitchen-gadgets take up too much room compared to how often I use them.

Pish-posh…. Shall we go have a look at your toolshed honey!?

What i love about this Philips model, is that the juicing hole (sorry but there’s no other way to say that…) is very large, so you can fit whole fruits in there. I do peel them though, but there’s no need to cut into bits and so on. And I was pleasantly surprised at how easy it was to clean. I mean it’s not magical, and cleans itself, but it was easily rinsed off and easy to wipe as well.

Now I just have to think about something to do with all that leftover pulp…. Any ideas???

Do you make your own juice?? What is your favorite recipe?

Share some tips below!

Homemade delicious beetjuice made with my brand new philips juicer! Yummy! and healthy too! To get the recipe visit my blog: Juicer, healthy juice, easy juice recipes, detox, beets, vegetable juice

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