Photo calendar DIY

Photo calendar DIY

Last year when I was on maternity leave (OMG I still miss it!!), I had time to make all sorts of DIY christmas goodies for Diannas grandparents and aunties. And one of the most popular items was this DIY Photo Calendar I made. It had personal pictures of them and Dianna from all throughout the year and special dates and birthdays jotted down as well! It was quite ingenious, if I do say so myself! And super easy to make (shyyy don’t tell!)

And although I’m not on maternity leave anymore and (free)time is scarce – I’ve already made copies, almost ready for the printer for this coming year!

(Family members – DON’T LOOK!!! – christmas present spoiler alert!)

How to make your own DIY photo calendar. Perfect as a christmas or mothers day gift or present. Just replace the pictures with your own, add personal dates and voila - ready for the printer! Holiday gift, present, grandparents, family, diy, do it yourself, creative children gifts, toddler presents, easy to make

I have always loved DIY gifts. There is something so personal and touching about receiving a DIY present. Knowing someone spent hours of the time, just to make me something…

My friend Anja is a master at this!

“Oh thank you for the invite – here’s my homemade lavender schnaps made with only organic, homegrown lavender….”


And you know, best of all, I thinks she really LOVES making those DIY presents as well.

I like DIY as well, but usually I prefer if it involves my kitchen or computer! But since Dianna came into the picture, I’ve developed a taste for some of the “artsy” kind as well… so watch out for some artsy-fartsy DIY’s in the future!

Now because I love you, and you’re my favorite readers – I’ve made a special link to download my DIY Photo Calendar – free of charge! All I ask is you simply subscribe to my newsletter!


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I hope your family loves the sentiment as much as mine!

Let me know what you think of my easy-peasy DIY Photo Calendar! As always, you can get a hold of me at:

What are some of your favorite DIY presents to make for the family? Share your links and comments below 🙂

Happy holidays



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