How I stopped my emotional eating

How I stopped my emotional eating

So December was a tough and very emotional month in our household. Dianna had a broken leg and I had to change my work hours til after Brian was home. So I worked from home during the evenings and we didn’t get to spend very much time together. AND it was DECEMBER! My favorite month of the year.

I am Christmas-crazy! Ask anyone who knows me. Yule is my favorite holiday and I usually go ALL out – baking, decorating and so on. But not this year. 🙁

I am the type of person who LOVES plans! I plan ahead as much as I can, all year, everyday!

So what do you do when something you’ve looked forward to, just doesn’t go as planned?

Well I am seriously bad at unplanned and spontaneous events happening in our lives! I am a very emotional eater, and although we try to stay healthy, whenever unlucky events or tragedy pops up in our lives, and our routines get out of whack, it is always a challenge for me! The first thing I seek comfort in, is food!

Of course it helps to be aware, but sometimes that’s just not enough. So this December has been full of unhealthy, sugary foods! And as a result we’ve had the most lazy, lethargic Christmas ever!

Thankfully Dianna only had to have 3 weeks in a cast with her broken leg and then she was all fixed… (no not really – 2 more weeks of limping and training before she finally was back to “normal”).

Anyway my hubby and I looked each other deep in the eye on New Years Eve and decided: “No more!”

It was tough to shake the “emotional eating” this time around, but what I’ve found works for me is simply:

Know your triggers

As I wrote further up – being stressed or sad is a HUGE trigger for me as far as emotional eating goes. I think it all has to do with things being out of my control and me seeking comfort. And after the eating, I feel shame and still want to eat more for comfort and so the bad cycle has begun!

So what does it take to end this vicious cycle?

Find comforting alternatives to food

For me the solution was to find comforting alternatives to my favorite foods. I love spending time in nature and being outside instinctively relaxes me. So when I am stressed, a perfect alternative for me is to go for a walk. I also love music – it’s my therapy! A long walk with my favorite music in my ears became my replacement for junk food, whenever I felt stressed. It helped me calm down until those bad emotions passed.

When I was sad, it helped me a lot to seek out my girlfriends or my hubby and talk about my feelings. It gave me the comfort I needed, so I didn’t have to fill myself with mindless food!

Eat mindfully & with intent

The final piece to the puzzle for me, was setting time aside each day to make sure my meals were prepared and enjoyed with intent. No distractions, simply enjoyment! This allowed me to feel “full”, so I didn’t feel that I missed out on something. And I made sure to eat 3 meals a day – so I hadn’t skipped any meals and got tempted to eat junk food!

Talk to your loved ones

And finally, my last piece of advice: Be open about your “eating disorder”. Your loved ones will want to help you and for me it is a great reminder, when my husband asks, “Do you really want to eat that?”

Be mindful however who you tell; you don’t want it thrown in your face all the time. Even emotional eaters are allowed to enjoy birthday cake at a family event!

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And so my hubby and I have been on quite the strict LCHF diet and January has been full of wonderful homemade LCHF meals! If any of you have been following my Instagram, you’ll have seen lots of yummy pictures!

And this got me thinking – there’s probly lots of people other then me and my hubby, starting back on a lowcarb diet after New Years and why not help them along with a 2-week strict LCHF mealplan and some nice recipes as well?!

So this is what I’m working on at the moment! And if you want to get a head start for when it’s finished, subscribe to my e-mail list and be one of the first to get the Mealplan when it’s done!!Sign up for my newsletter and be one of the first to get my 2 weeks strict LCHF Mealplan and challenge! Come on - you know you want to! ;)

I hope you want to read along when I’m done! I can’t wait to share it with you guys…

All my best,

How I stopped my emotional eating. 4 ways I helped myself quit junk food and found alternatives, and you can to! Join my 2 week LCHF challenge and get healthy again! LCHF, lowcarb highfat, eat fat lose fat, healthy again, emotional eating, how to get past it.

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