Going on a Kidventure

Going on a Kidventure

Movement is in a child’s nature

How much of your time do you spend outdoors?

Dianna is obsessed with the outdoors at the moment, and let’s be honest, at 6.30 in the morning, the absolutely LAST thing on my mind, is to be playing outside! But when her little voice bubbles with excitement and yells “Swing, swing, swing!”, I try to squeeze in the time to prioritize her wish! I mean it’s not like she’s yelling, “Chocolate, chocolate, chocolate”, which would have been my personal first choice, let me tell you! 😉

And the funny thing is, as we’re out in the garden (yes it’s still 6.30!), and we play, swing and slide – I feel wonderful! I am full of energy and it resonates through my whole day at work. The movement and interaction with my baby sparks a light inside me.

Movement is natural for children. However with all the new technology, our little babies aren't moving as much as they should. Here are some great ideas on how to promote more movement in your child. www.naturemama.net

Kids learn through movement

Children learn by acting and then reflecting on their experiences – but these scenarios are becoming increasingly rare, as we spend more and more time indoors and with interactive technology. Children aren’t using their bodies in the same way as children before them. So we need to make sure to inspire and motivate them to more movement!

Here are some ideas for your own Kidventure:

  • Camping – putting up a tent and sleeping outdoors, even if it’s just in your own backyard.
  • Visit a playground and spend time swinging, sliding, jumping with your child.
  • Go looking for treasure. Treasure can be many different things – a feather, a pretty rock. Your imagination sets the boundaries.
  • Visit a pond, go fishing for tadpoles and other water-creatures.
  • Build a fort or den in your garden with blankets, tarps or whatever you have on hand.
  • Go for a bike ride and enjoy the nature in your neighborhood.
  • Visit your local farm, ask if you can pet or help feed the animals.
  • Dig for worms or look for snails and make a “worm or snail farm”.

Children are simple and have a great imagination! Any small game can be turned into an outdoor adventure.

#Reimakidventure & #millionhoursofjoy

Reima is a clothing company that specializes in functional outerwear for children.

Their mission is to “encourage children to discover the joy of movement” and so they have launched a “kidventure” campaign with “Visit Finland” and “Ruka-Kuusamo” to inspire children and grownups to have more movement in their daily life. They want to collect 1 million active-hours from children all around the world. Read more about the campaign here.

Reimakidventure is an activity campaign from the clothingline Reima. They want to collect 1 million active hours from children all around the world. Read more on my blog: www.naturemama.net

One of the ways you can participate in their campaign is to use #reimakidadventure and #millionhoursofjoy on Social Media and you’ll contribute with 2 hours of child-activity to their million-hour pool. You can see our contribution on Instagram.

The journey begins with a single step

You know, it all boils down to this:

Our children learn from our actions and the best way to teach them something, is to show them!

Want them to eat healthily? Cook and eat healthy meals together!

Want them to be active? Inspire and motivate them to movement by joining them in their Kidventure!

The journey begins with a single step! How do you motivate and inspire your child to a life of movement? To get inspired and learn more, read my blog: www.naturemama.net

What are some of the ways you inspire your child to more movement?

Please share in the comments below!



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