The golden dish at the end of the Rainbow

The golden dish at the end of the Rainbow

We love greek cuisine in our household and moussaka is a personal favorite. However since I changed my diet to lowcarb, we haven’t had much moussaka in a while. But I came up with an idea to remedy that!

Rainbow moussaka!

Also naming any food something with rainbow, automatically makes children more inclined to try and taste some. 😉

I wanted to make something special for my little niece, but still trying to keep it a little bit lowcar’ier then plain moussaka. And my little girl Dianna loooooves potatoes, so it had to be tasty for her as well.

Fresh, tasty veggies for "Rainbow Moussaka" - a lowcarb version of the greek classic dish. Visit my blog for more recipes:

Carrots, beets, sweet potatoes and sunchokes – Oh my!


This is a definte “must make again” – recipe! We all loved it, especially the kids!

I just serve it with a mean garlic-tzatziki, because it’s an easy way to add more garlic to the dish.

When you make food for the whole family, you usually keep the tastes a bit more mild, and this is a way to not compromise the taste of the dish, simply because you are cooking for children too. I love making a small sauce or dip that adds more flavour to a dish!

What is your trick to cooking full-flavoured food while still catering to your kids? Share your thoughts below!

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