Homemade Coffee sugar scrub

Homemade Coffee sugar scrub

Skin like a baby’s bottom!

– who doesn’t want that?!?

This is my best beauty secret – and it’s even organic and SO simple too. My husband and I drink WAY too much coffee! Like, really way too much, and sometimes we can drink instant coffee, but mostly we prefer good homemade, grind-your-own-coffeebeans coffee from our frenchpress. (affiliate link)

Homemade organic, coffee sugar scrub. Gives you perfect soft skin and leaves you smelling heavenly! This is my best beauty secret. Simple recipe and best of all, totally natural. Visit my blog: www.naturemama.net for other great natural recipes and tips for the whole family.

And a great way to eliminate the coffee-waste is to find other functions for it. And this is where my best beauty secret comes in.

I love a good scrub! And coffee has some great benefits to the skin and actually for your hair too!

  • Anti-inflammatory effect; works against inflammation and redness in your skin
  • Full of anti-oxidants, which is great against UV-damage from the sun
  • Cellulite reduction by dehydrating fatty cells with it’s diuretic properties
  • Skin exfoliation and softening which prevents dryness (also helped by the coconut oil in my recipe!)

And sometimes I also add coffee grounds to my shampoo, as it’s great for stimulating hair growth. I used this after my pregnancy, where my hair seemed a little thin and dull, and it worked wonders!

Also – this is great for you guys out there! Add a handful of coffeegrounds to your favorite shampoo and massage it into your hair roots and let it stay for 2-3 min. before rinsing it out. This is a great way to prevent hairloss and it’s totally organic and natural!


I love making my own beauty recipes with natural “cooking” ingridients. This way I am sure I know all the ingridients and there are no hidden or harmful substances.

My favorite beauty ingredient is this: Organic Coconut oil (affiliate link). I use it practically everywhere; in my coffee, on my skin, as a lipbalm, handcream, homemade toothpaste – you name it! It’s so versatile. It is without a doubt, the most used ingredient in our household!

What is your best beauty secret? Do you have a homemade beauty recipe you would like to share? Add your comment below.

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