When your husband suprises you with visitors!

When your husband suprises you with visitors!

Last minute appetizer

Fresh fragrant sweet tomatoes and juicy sundried tomatoes in a great mixture together with garlic and onions and as a final perfect touch, basil leaves, salt and pepper! Oh my Bruschetta!

OMG! This is my favorite appetizer. I can eat it any day of the week, but when the sun is out and on my terrace with a nice chilled glass of chardonnay, it is simply heaven! Now I know it’s not lowcarb… (unfortunatly!), but it’s not unhealthy either!

This was actually made spur of the moment, when my hubby told me we had company coming over in 15 min.!!!! (start panic!)

I don’t really do well with suprises like these, as I like to be well prepared with meals and snacks, so after spending 2 min. in panic, I finally opened the fridge and cupboards and found I had leftover pesto, tomatoes and onions and some baguettes and presto…. BRUSCHETTA!


Your imagination is your limit!

Bruchetta can be made a million different ways. Some variations could be;

  • zucchini/mozzarella
  • eggplant/feta
  • beans/beef and chili
  • ham/olives.

Mmmm I am getting hungry just thinking of all the variations.


My favorite appetizer: Bruschetta. This is the best, absolute tastiest and easiest appetizer to make. Find my recipe and more inspiration at: www.naturemama.net
Made with my favorite sundried tomato pesto

The guests loved them just as much as me! So no need for the panic really… but I never learn. Do you know what I mean? I am such a people-pleaser at heart, that I just want our guests to feel special when we have them over and I prefer my house to look neat and tidy as well. But who can really be perfect all the time, right?

This was a lesson for me to try and be more spontanious! My husband is an expert in this! I guess that’s one of the many things, that make us a perfect match, we compliment and challenge eachother.

What is your go-to recipe for suprise guests? Help me with inspiration for next time! 😉

Happy Sunday!!

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