How LCHF changed my life

How LCHF changed my life

Flashback 5 years to 2012:

I was crying yet again, because my period had come. This was our third IVF (invitro fertilization) trial, and it had failed. The doctors had told me that in order to have another trial, they would recommend I lose some weight.

I had gained all in all about 40 kgs (80 lbs!!!!) since we first attempted to get pregnant I 2003; the year we were married. I know…. 40 kgs! That’s a lot of weight. But it didn’t all come at once, it slowly crept on through the 5 years we had been trying to get pregnant, as I sought comfort in food and sweets because of all the failure that surrounded me. I felt like a failure and that my body had betrayed me. It was incapable of the ONE thing I desperately wanted; to become pregnant.

I didn’t lose weight even with the doctor’s recommendation. In fact I gained another 8 kg and felt absolutely miserable.

This was me before I started LCHF, 6 years and 80+ lbs ago! LCHF changed my life and helped me lose weight. Read my post about how LCHF changed my life on my blog;
There’s hardly any photos of me from that periode, because I HATED how i looked!

Giving up and regrouping

We decided to put our babyplans on hold. We needed to think of something else for a while. Our health and our relationship had suffered from the constant let downs and blows. I had developed cysts on my ovaries that needed to be operated out, and my employer at the time had made it perfectly clear, that if I missed more work due to sickness, I would be fired! And I remember asking my husband what he thought I should do…

My husband has always been my rock. He is the one constant that I can always count on, and this situation was no different. He told me to have the operation. I did, and I was fired. But he got a second job, so we managed and then he said the one thing that changed our life:

“Take your time. Find yourself again – I miss you”

And he was right. In all this baby-hoopla-circus I had lost myself. Everything, every thought the last couple of years had been about getting pregnant. Every penny we set aside went towards that. And I just remember thinking:

“I need to be happy, baby or no baby!”

…and that was the turning point for me.

That was when I decided to put my well-being and my health first and take responsibility for my bad habits!


PCOS and Endometri-what??

The fertility doctors told me, that I have “PCO” and “Endometriosis”. Really fancy words, but they never went so far as to explain what that meant for my health and lifestyle. I decided to take the time I had been offered to dig a bit deeper into these diagnoses.

PCO, or poly-cystic ovaries as it is an abbreviation for, basically means I tend to develop cysts on/in my ovaries. Endometriosis is a disease where you have endometriosis tissue (the lining of the womb), other places then the womb, and so you can have extra painful periods, as you bleed from other places then just the womb.

(My simplistic explanation of two very complex diseases. If you are interested in learning more about this I can highly recommend visiting PCO Divas

What these diagnoses have in common though is they can be helped along by eating a lowcarb diet. I was so surprised when I learned that! And even more suprised that none of the doctors had told me!! Instead they just pumped me full of (unnatural) hormones.

I have always had an awful sweet tooth and it’s really hard for me to stop myself when I’ve first started eating something! I will eat until the bag is empty – I am insatiable! Which funnily enough is another symptom of especially PCO. Infact PCOS has a lot in common with diabetes and can in some cases be a precondition before diabetes if women don’t lose weight.

But I also learned that I wasn’t alone. There were women out there like me, struggling to lose weight and get pregnant, because of their bodies and these diagnoses.

And so my Lowcarb journey began.

This is me, at Diannas christening, just 5 months after giving birth and already back to my pre-pregnancy weight! This would never have happened without LCHF. To read more about the LCHF diet and how to live a healthy and natural family lifestyle, visit my blog:
5 months after giving birth, and already back to my pre-pregnancy weight! And see that smile on my face? I have never been happier!


LCHF changed my life!

All in all I have lost 40 kg (that’s 88 lbs!) while eating LCHF! And most impressively of all – I got pregnant against all odds!

My husband and I tried for 12 years to get pregnant. And we tried everything! Trust me, if it’s written on the web or in a book as a guide to get pregnant, we’ve tried it! We did ICSI and IVF and none of it worked for us.

My spirit and my body was broken from all those years of failure. And I felt like a failure too; my body not able to do the one thing it was built for!

And then we gave up… we decided that the familylife was not for us, and we would just have to be our own little family instead and fill our lives with our careers and friends. And I decided to try and live more healthily and natural. My body was totally out of it’s natural state with all the hormones and medicines I had been taking in hopes to get pregnant and I wanted to feel myself again!

I have a friend who had lost a lot of weight on Atkins and I had heard of a new diet from Sweden called “LCHF – lowcarb highfat” and it sounded interesting. And I hit the web and found some great websites:

And there were many more.


How LCHF worked for me

The first couple of weeks were tough!! I had eaten processed foods and sugars all my life and quitting “cold turkey” was hard. I literally had the shakes, and was sweating, had headaches. It felt like having the flu. How insane is it, that not eating something can make you feel sick?! That was when I knew I was on the right path.

After 2 weeks things got so much better. I had incredible amounts of energy, I could walk on air and felt unstoppable. Family and friends commented on how I seemed back to normal and happy again. And I was!

It was as if someone had “turned on my light-switch”. My mood was lighter, I had more energy and I saw everything from a positive side. How crazy is it, that what we eat can affect us that much?!

Well actually it makes a lot of sense…

After all what you eat, is what fills you up and restores your energy. So If you’re eating junk and processed foods, your body is full of non-natural ingredients, that it doesn’t recognize. This in turn leaves you lethargic because your body is spending it’s energy in digesting these “foreign” substances. Whereas eating a lowcarb, hightfat diet with natural fats is full of natural (and hopefully organic) ingredients which your body is completely familiar with, and therefore easily recognizes and utilizes.

I won’t go into details on cellular level, but I can recommend Dietdoctor if you’re interested in learning more about how the body processes carbs and sugars.


It can work for you too!

I started my lowcarb journey 5 years ago, and I am still constantly surprised by new improvements to my health. For example; I haven’t had a cavity since I changed my diet and my hair has never looked healthier, despite just going through a pregnancy! Even my skin is clearer!

If you are a woman(or a man!), looking for a way to be and stay healthy, that isn’t an everyday struggle – seriously LOOK NO FURTHER. This is the answer for you!


Picture of me before and after LCHF, it took me 5 years, but I lost over 80 pounds with the LCHF diet and I have never been happier. To find out how lchf can help you lose weight and change your life, visit my blog:
80+ lbs in difference between these photos!


I still have some weight to shed, but what I LOVE most about this diet is the change I see in my feelings. There are no more mood swings and i feel absolutely GREAT!! – and so can you….

Go browse some of the sites I’ve mentioned here – oh and be sure and come back here too!!

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All my love,

Picture of me before and after LCHF, it took me 5 years, but I lost over 80 pounds with the LCHF diet and I have never been happier. To find out how lchf can help you lose weight and change your life, visit my blog: lose weight naturally, #healthylifestyle, #lowcarb, #lchf, #infertility, how to get pregnant the natural way.

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