Playing to learn

Playing to learn

Fun together – the Lego way

One of my favorite toys growing up, was Lego. I would sit for hours in my own little world, building houses and different kind of structures and playing with the little figurines. It would invent my own fantasy world and of course be heartbroken when it was time to clean up – but luckily I could build new wonderful worlds the next day! Lego is a great toy-memory for me, and so one of the first toys I was sure Dianna would have, was Lego.

The things is… there isn’t much movement in Lego. They are (were) primarily building blocks – wonderful, creative, ingenious building blocks – but mostly without the possibility of adding movement.


I kid you not – this is a completely game changer in my eyes for Lego.

Before you slay me with your critique, I know Lego has moving parts in their series for older children – but it’s the first time I’ve seen it for Diannas age-group. And I LOVE it!


Learning by playing - having fun with Lego Duplo and their new "cog-wheel" building blocks. See what it's all about, on my blog:

Nurturing your child’s imagination

Dianna was a bit apprehensive at first and didn’t understand how to add the “cog-wheel”-building blocks in with the rest. But after I showed her a couple times and we built a carrousel for the figurines to ride on – she was thrilled! And suddenly ALL her Lego figurines had to have a turn!

Learning by playing - having fun with Lego Duplo and their new "cog-wheel" building blocks. See what it's all about, on my blog:

Brian made this standing Lego building-wall for her some weeks ago – and she LOVES it! She can spend hours here, building and playing with the figures. And the new “cog-wheels” are great here as well. Their grip isn’t as great – but if you put a block underneath it holds just fine – which Dianna soon learned.

And it’s SO easy to make.

We simply bought 2 big Duplo bases and fixed it to our bookcase. We used screws, but if you want to keep your furniture intact – you can maybe use double sided adhesive tape instead.

Make your own, DIY Lego play wall for your toddler. I guarantee they will love it! Visit my blog to see more great ideas for Lego!

If you are looking for a great present for your toddler this year – look no further! By adding moving blocks to their Duplo-series, Lego is teaching children yet another great motor function. Dianna loves the carrousel, and now so does her Lego figurines! 🙂

There are so many great ways to use Lego. It is one of the most innovative toys and I am constantly surprised at finding new uses all the time. I ran into this video on facebook a while ago. If you haven’t seen it; Here are some great NEW ways to teach your toddler all about colors, while playing with Lego:

Color games by Lego

What are some of your favorite innovative toys for your children? Share below and let the fun begin!

Love always,


The toys pictured and reviewed here are sponsored by Lego Duplo through Buzzador,

but the opinions shared are entirely my own! 

If you would like to know more about Lego and their innovative toys, visit their website at: Lego Duplo

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